Pool Cover Benefits

Pool covers are popular among commercial pool owners as well as home pool owners. They are used for indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Pool covers offer a lot of benefits for any pool owner, some of which increase tangible and quantifiable values.

Having a pool cover over is highly effective to prevent accidents when your pool is unattended. The pool cover is a safety device to prevent people from falling into it when it is unattended, even though a fence or enclosure is the primary safety protocol. It seals it off from accidents that can occur by young children, pets, as well as uninvited visitors.  Pool covers can save your life, and the life of the people you care about.

Aside from investing in a pool cover for your pool for safety, it also saves you money.  A pool cover can save up to 70% on operating costs by reducing the swimming pools need for heating equipment, extra water, water treatment chemicals, and maintenance cleaning costs. In the long run, your pool cover will pay for itself and pay it back with those extra savings.

Swimming pools not protected by a pool cover can lose as much as 30% of their heat each day and more than 10,000 liters of water, including chemicals used to treat the water because of evaporation.

Evaporation is the main cause for the water loss in swimming pools.  With the use of a pool cover, evaporation is reduced and the heat is sealed.  Over time, there will be a significant reduction in the swimming pools heating.  Also, the swimming season may be extended because the pool cover will seal in more heat which keeps the pool water warm.  The pool water remains warm and inviting for a much longer period of time.

For indoor pools, pool covers significantly reduce the amount of energy required to ventilate indoor pool rooms.  This means less need for ventilation and exhaust fans, which saves more on the cost of heating the air and pool water.

Besides saving on energy bills, safety and blocking evaporation, you also save on replacing lost water by as much as 50% and the loss of chemicals for treating water by as much as 60%.  Evaporation is the major cause of lost chemical treatments, such as chlorine.  

If an indoor pool is covered, fewer corrosive sanitation chemicals are released into the air because of suppressed evaporation that reduces moisture damage and acidic corrosion on building structures. This also includes fixtures such as metal hinges, door and window frames, speakers, and others.  Indoor pools can be damaging to the inside of a building structure if it is not properly maintained, a pool cover can reduce the effects and increase the lifespan of the pool and building.

Pool covers also reduce your cleaning time and maintenance cost.  Pool covers keep off leaves, debris and dirt out of your swimming pool water; leaving your pool water crystal clear for a long time.  A pool cover can also protect swimming pools during the winter months when it is not being used.  With a pool cover over your swimming pool, the heat of the pool water is kept well inside and with the pool cover also keeping the dirt out, your pool equipment lasts longer because it actually works less.

Outdoor and indoor pool owners will benefit from a pool cover.  Not just because it is a safety measure, but it has monetary rewards and benefits for saving energy and maintenance costs.

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